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14 June 2017 Watch Notes & Summer Crime Prevention Tips


Good Afternoon,  Below are the latest property crimes as they were reported.

Auto Thefts: 2- The auto theft occurred at the 1000 block of Major Ave NW and the 100 block of Broadway Blvd NE.

There are people riding bicycles throughout our neighborhoods looking for running unoccupied cars to steal.  Please do not leave your car running unattended.  When you are going to the gym do not lock your keys in the gym locker keep them with you to prevent thieves from stealing your car.  If you have an older model car the security devices are easier to defeat. Consider adding a steering wheel or pedal inhibitor.  These devices prevent the steering wheel from being able to move or the pedals from being operated independently. Also an electronic kill switch is a great way to prevent anyone from taking your car.  If the key with the chip is not present the car stalls when put in gear.  Do not leave keys in an unattended unlocked vehicle.

Auto Burglaries: 4- The point of entry for two of the auto burglaries was by vandalism and two by unknown methods. The auto burglaries occurred at the 800 block of 1st Street St NW, 6000 block of 4th St NW, 1200 block of Renaissance Blvd NE and the 1000 block 4th St NW.

LOCK your doors.  Please do not leave items of value or PERCEIVED value in your car. Take them with you or if you need to leave them, lock them in the trunk.  PLEASE do not leave firearms in your vehicles unattended.  We have had 2 firearms taken this week so far.

Commercial Burglaries: 0   

If you see anyone hanging around outside a closed business please call 242-2677.

Residential Burglaries: 1-The point of entry for the residential burglary was by vandalism.   The residential burglary occurred at the 1400 block of Van Cleave Rd NW.

When you move into a house or apt ensure you change the locks or have the leasing agency change the locks.  Ensure you lock the doors to your house prior to leaving. Check the length of the screws holding your door hardware together if they are shorter than three inches replace them with longer screws.  This will strengthen the security measures holding your doors shut.  Put items of value away and not in plain sight when you depart your house. This will reduce the opportunity for a criminal to see these items from an open window.  Signage can be a great visual deterrent; anything that gives a criminal a moment of pause and makes them rethink whether or not they want to target your house is a good thing.


Summer Crime Prevention Tips

Now that summer is here, people take advantage of the sunny weather to do outdoor projects, take their families on vacation, relax and keep cool. For criminals, however, it’s a very busy time of year. It can be easy to forget to close a door or window, but if they are left open it creates an easy opportunity for a burglar. Criminals look for easy targets; make it difficult for them to choose you.

At Home

  • Always lock your doors and windows especially at night and when you’re away
  • Close your garage and pet door secure ladders and tools so they can’t be used to gain entry into your home
  • Be aware of anyone who approaches your front door and don’t let them take up too much of your time. Criminals work together; one will come to your door and distract you while the other sneaks into your home. Ask for an ID of a utility person.
  • Be a good neighbor, lookout for one another.
  • Excessive dog barking could be a sign of an intruder and may warrant a call to the Police Department.
  • Be sure and report suspicious activity

When going on vacation

  • Lock up your home, activate your alarm
  • Don’t share your plans on social media
  • Hold the delivery of your mail and newspaper or ask a trusted friend to pick them up for you
  • Buy a timer for your lights and set them in a random pattern
  • Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway
  • Call for a Periodic Watch

Car Safety

  • Never leave your car running unattended, even to run into a store
  • Always roll up your windows and lock your car even in hot weather
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight
  • Park cars in well lit areas
  • Never leave any keys in the car or ignition


Did You Know?

The majority of residential crimes are crimes of opportunity, where the victims have left their homes unsecured. The opportunity for residential burglary must be reduced both individually and collectively through citizens working with local law enforcement agencies. Many people who have never been a victim are often less than diligent about securing their homes and safeguarding their property. Unfortunately, thieves seek out these opportunities, accessing homes and garages through unlocked doors and windows with minimum effort.